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Your Database – The Most Valuable Asset Of Any Cleaning Business !


Collecting customers’ details is one of the most important things you have to do while building your business. It takes time to build a strong database, but it is the most valuable asset that your business possesses.

By using e-mail marketing you can easily attract more customers and offer more services. It’s easier to sell something to a client that has used your services in the past rather than trying to reach for those, who will hear about your company for the first time.

Established cleaning companies have thousands of customers in their database. How can you use this to increase the sales? Simple – remind your customers about you regularly and make irresistible offers at the right times.

With Christmas approaching for example it could be a good idea to send e-mails to all your commercial clients, offering special deals on carpet cleaning. Big commercial offices usually close around Christmas and it might be the best time of the year when they can have their carpets cleaned. Don’t expect people to remember about you, it’s your job to remind them and show them how you could be of service, while helping them save money.

Build your database not only by keeping the details of the people who use or have used your services in the past. Make sure you take the details of any future prospects. For example, when someone calls for a quote, don’t only give the price over the phone. Ask for their e-mail and offer to send the quote in writing. Not only the person will have your price and your details handy in their inbox, but you will add another e-mail address to your database.

Simple things, done well, look professional and position you at a higher place among the completion. And not only this – they make you a lot of money as well!
It’s your job to collect every bit of information that could help you increase your sales. At the end of the day this is a cheaper way to boost your profit while not investing a lot.

So think of whom you want to target now and make an irresistible offer to your customers. With a few little tweaks you can easily get the attention of the right people. Remember that offering value rather than giving discounts might be a better way to distinguish your company and make the sale.